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Summary of my novel.

Thrust into the unwanted leadership of the president's secret unit, Hawks must lead his agency while worrying about the female agent with whom he's fallen in love.
Espionage-Terrorism Bureau (ETB)is located in Washington, D.C. and under the direct control of the President of the United States. It has approximately twelve-hundred agents stationed throughout the world. 

The action begins with Japanese Red Army terrorist kidnaping a professor's daughter thinking she belongs to the man they are after.  Steve Hawks (POV), a Field Director of E.T.B., pays the ransom and is told where the young woman is and that a surprise may await him.  He finds the young woman sitting on thirty sticks of dynamite.  After successfully freeing her from the danger, he escorts her home and discovers during an interview that her assailants were on their way to Washington, D.C.
 The terrorists then attack one of the Capitol buildings.  Hawks and his men kill all the terrorists in order to save the hostages.  It is here that Senator Patrick's name first comes up, but the mystery of why they were looking for him is left unanswered.
Hawks is appointed by the president to take over ETB, when the director retires.  He is not happy with the appointment, but accepts the position under the condition that he is allowed to personally conduct investigations.
Hawks first investigation as Director of Espionage, Terrorist Bureau deals with an international gun smuggling ring involving military personnel and aircraft.  Weapons are being shipped to Japan for resale to terrorists’ groups in the Far East.  A sting operation is developed with Sadie MacKenzie, a Field Director, as the bait.  At the completion of the investigation, it is believed that all of the ring members were arrested (it is not until later we find out that the true ring leader was never discovered).  Also during this investigation, Hawks' love blossoms for Sadie.
 After their wedding at the White house, the president gives them a wedding gift of two weeks in Sweden.  It is on their honeymoon in Sweden that Sadie Hawks is kidnapped.  Hawks believes that a terrorist group is responsible.  He is finally contacted and told that if he wants his wife back, a trade between her and Taylor, an individual whom Hawks arrested for espionage, will take place in Washington.
Hawks returns home to arrange the trade.  While walking down the street he notices a car passing slowly by with Sadie in the back seat.  When he attempts to rescue his wife from the car, he is shot by a kidnapper.
After his release from the hospital, Hawks makes the final arrangements for the release of Taylor.  It is at this time, the president calls with a new investigation for him.  It seems a senator's son is involved in a murder and the president wants him to handle it personally.

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