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April brought us a lot of rain and cold weather. Now May is about halfway through and it is finally getting warm to hot. Love those 80-degree days. Better to play golf in warm weather rather than cold. Like the first night of league play. My hands were frozen, not to mention the rest of me.

This past week it was in the 70s and beside the strong wind, it was nice to play in the warmer weather.

With the warm weather, we have been working in the yard. No time to write. But I do plan on getting back to it on days when it rains and I can’t be outside.

I remember back in the early nineties when I first wrote a book; I wanted to have it professionally edited like everybody teaching said new writers needed to have done with their work. I found a company named Edit Ink. It turned out to be a scam company

I couldn't afford legal battles against them. So, I lost a lot of money with a very poor job of editing.

Since then, we have Google and can search all the information on a company to prevent being scammed again.

I am now searching for an Agent that represents crime novels. Really hoping to get one and try to publish the traditional way before having to self-publish.


What are your thoughts on going traditional or self-publishing? Tell us what you think down in the comment section.

Speaking of the comment section, the company for my account designed the comment section. It will ask for an email address. No one uses or stores your email address. I have tested this with different emails and have received no spam emails from leaving comments.

So, comment on all you want.


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Please leave a comment to tell everyone that reads this blog what you are doing or thinking. We would all love to know what is going on in your life.

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