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Posted By John Poindexter

It has been over a week since I retired, even though it just feels like summer vacation. I will realize it truly when August gets here and I am not going back to work. We attended our granddaugther's graduation and then the party last Sunday. Both were nice events.

I have finished re-writing one of the novels from first-person to third-person. Now I need to do a final editing to make sure there are no plots holes, grammar errors, or anything else that may be wrong with it, before I send it to a Beta reader.

I still have another complete one to re-write and a third one to finish. There may be even a fourth one somewhere on this computer waiting for more action to take place with it. I know there is another story based off She Rises at Dawn (eBook listed below) that I started but have not finished.

I went fishing last week with my oldest son and only caught a headache, no fish. I guess we will be doing that again sometime in the near future. Only this time I hope to catch fish instead of a headache.

Why not leave a message down below and let us all know what your plans for the summer are?  Will you be doing any fishing and if so, where?

We would enjoy reading about you and what is going on in your life.

See you next time,

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