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Here is the first chapter of Dreamer's Paradise. This was inspired by two young people I used to know.  Hope you enjoy it.  To read the rest, it is available on several different platforms. Kindle, Kobo, Nook and at

It is only 99 cents on all websites.

Chapter One

She walked out into the night air knowing it could be the last time.  She was going to put an end to it and move as far away as she could.  It was over, she knew it, but would he let her go. The air was bitter against her cheeks for a June night, but she couldn’t stop now, “not now” was all she thought. 

            Josie looked both ways before crossing Main Street.  Just a few more blocks and it would be time she thought, time to end this long overdue relationship that has plagued her for more than a year now.  She finally realized that he was never going to amount to any good.  Everyone told her, but she wouldn’t listen.  Even when they had a child she thought he would change, but no, it didn’t happen.

            Now it would stop. She waited for a car to pass and then crossed over to Second Street.  Feeling in her pocket, the gun was ready.  He was there, leaning on the lamp post as usual talking to his low-life friends.  He didn’t even turn around when she walked up.

            “What you want?” Jimmy asked.

            “Nothing.  I just have this for you,” she said and handed him the divorce papers.

            “What the hell is this? He looked at it and laughed.  “Get home.”

            “This is it, we are through,” Josie said and backed up a step.

            As usual he drew back his hand and was ready to hit her when she pulled the 22 caliber out of her pocket. He laughed and swung at her. She ducked and hit him in the leg with the first bullet.

            “What the hell do you think you are doing?”

            “Leaving you.” She backed away, ready to fire again.

            He yelled at her but she kept on walking down the street. Free at last she thought.  But, was she? 


            She arrived at home a little after midnight and knew he wouldn’t be there yet.  She made sure all the doors were locked and then climbed into the cab that was waiting for her.  She told the driver, “Drive by Second and Main, please.”  She was curious to see if he was still standing there bleeding. As they drove through the intersection, she smiled and leaned back. He was there.

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