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Posted By John Poindexter

In a discussion with some writers the other night on how you feel about your writing, I made the statement I felt my writing on the second book was better than the first book. My opinion is it has more action than the first.  It was suggested that maybe I should combine the two.

Thinking about this, I remember that I had done that years ago when they were both written in first person.

Original book one has 291 pages with a word count of 52,614. The one is written in third person.

Original book two has 299 pages and 65,261 words. This one has not been rewritten yet and is still in first person.

The combination book is 416 pages and 75,083. But, it too, is in first person.

The series is about the Espionage, Terrorist Bureau which is under the control of the President of the United States.

Thrust into the unwanted leadership of the president's secret unit, Hawks must lead his agency while worrying about the female agent that he has fallen in love with.

In book one, Steve Hawks (POV), Director of the Espionage-Terrorist Bureau, must face several investigations simultaneously, including his new wife being kidnapped. This causes a dilemma for Hawks because while trying to protect his wife, who is also an Agent, he is pressured by his boss, the President of United States, to work on only one investigation dealing with a senator’s son.

Book two starts off with the president assigning a new role for Hawks. Steve must take on the drug cartel and stop the drug flow in the country. Hawks must go undercover to reach the leaders. On the way to the top of the cartel his wife is lost at sea and other agents are injured. All this takes place in the Florida panhandle and Colombia.

Here is where I need your help.

Should I combine them or leave them separate as book one and two of the series. Book three and four are started.

Then next question is should they be in first person or third person?

Please leave a message down below in the Comment section. Just click on the word Comments and be assured the info you put in will not be sold or used in any way.


I look forward to reading your comments and hope you can help me make my mind up on how to go forward with this series.


Until next time,


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