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My favorite season is coming to a close. I really dislike cold weather anymore. You can't go outside and do anything constructive when it is cold. Guess I will start the next book in the series.

I am getting ready to start the process to publish my first novel in the series on Steve Hawks and the Espionage Terrorist Bureau. You can read about it down below.

When I last wrote we were still waiting for the construction project to begin. I can now say that project is complete and my son and I redid the kitchen ceiling. Not sure what next home project will be, because there is painting to do and I hate to paint. I need to put the flooring down in the bathroom. But that has been waiting for two years. Had it down once, but then we had a leak and had to rip it all up.

Big question now seems to be will there be a Halloween trick or treat night?  One city south of here has canceled it for this year. Wonder if more will follow. I have never been a big lover of Halloween as it is not a proper holiday. But others like it.

Have a great fall and leave any thoughts you would like to share down below where it says comments.


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Steve Hawks

The Dilemma



Steve Hawks - The Dilemma is the first in a series of novels that highlights the lives of Federal Agents who work only for the President of the United States.

It opens with Hawks and his agents rescuing a girl from a group of terrorists. They are after a senator and kidnapped the wrong girl. She tells him there are more of them on their way to Washington D.C.

After returning to D.C., Hawks receives a call telling him that six armed Asian men have stormed the Senate Visitor Center. Hawks and his team kill the terrorists and find the senator they were after, who denies any dealing with the terrorists.

Hawks and his team now travel to Thailand to capture an Air Force member who is selling secrets to a Russian spy. Later, they go to Germany to bring the spy to the U.S., as he wants to defect. The spy must testify before a Senate Hearing to allow him to remain here.

The president appoints Steve Hawks as the Director of the Espionage, Terrorist Bureau (ETB). Only thirty minutes into being the boss, the president calls and wants him to handle an FBI case concerning weapons dealing to a foreign country from a military base.

Hawks and his two best agents, Jim Horton and Mike Phillips, go to New Mexico to investigate the gun smuggling after discovering shipments of weapons from the Air Base there to another one in California.

This brings in Hawks’ love, Sadie MacKenzie. Steve sends Sadie in undercover against the smugglers.  She arranges a gun deal and must meet the leaders of the smuggling operation. After it satisfies them that everyone is there, Hawks and his men break into the warehouse and a gun battle ensues.

All Hawks is thinking about is Sadie and her safety. He steps out from behind cover to shoot a smuggler and ends up shot himself.

When he awakes in the hospital, Sadie is there beside him and he tells her to call the President to inform him of how it went. He says tell him that the future Mrs. Hawks is calling. She accepts this odd proposal.

They go to France on their honeymoon, but tragedy strikes. Someone kidnaps Sadie and tells Steve Hawks to go back to D.C. If he wants to see his wife again, he must arrange for the release of a convicted military spy he arrested.

Upon returning, the President wants him to work another FBI case, but Hawks refuses, stating that his wife comes first.

Walking down the street, Hawks see a car driving by. He then hears Sadie calling out to him and charges the car. The kidnapper shoots him in the shoulder.

Hawks releases Taylor, the spy. However, the kidnappers decide that they will not release Sadie until the next day. This upsets Hawks. They release Sadie the next morning, and he swears she will not leave his sight again. He attempts to convince her to quit her job, but this develops a sub-plot about the tension between the two over her working as an agent that will continue throughout the series.

The president orders Hawks to work on the FBI investigation concerning the senator’s, from the capital shooting, son missing. Sadie insists on working on her kidnappers’ case, going against Hawks advice.

With both investigations running, Hawks can’t control Sadie’s involvement and lets her go after them. Sadie’s case leads them to Atlantic City, and Hawks’ case turns into a murder investigation.

Hawks brings in the senator’s son and they discover he is not the killer, but another Asian man is the murderer.

Mike calls Hawks and tells him they found the kidnappers. Hawks takes a team to Atlantic City and meets up with Sadie and Mike. Hawks tries to convince Sadie not to get involved any further, but she refuses and insists on being in on the takedown.

A gun battle ends Taylor’s life and his friends captured. At dinner that evening, Sadie tells Hawks he will be a daddy, and that she is not quitting her job.

Vacation didn’t last long for Sadie and Steve. Another group of Asian men takes Chang, the murderer, from the courthouse. The police find Chang dead and then another shooting takes place at the Capital.  The terrorists shoot Senator Patrick’s son. At the hospital, Hawks confronts the senator regarding his involvement with the terrorists. The senator confesses that they are blackmailing him.

When Hawks leaves, they radio him that the terrorists have attacked the hospital and captured the senator. Mike Phillips is in pursuit.  They find Phillips shot later that afternoon. The next day the police spot the terrorists vehicle and a chase takes place.  At a roadblock, the terrorists’ vehicle overturns.

As Hawks approaches the vehicle, he hears a shot and then the senator is yelling to get him out. The senator explains that he killed one in self-defense.

The story ends with Sadie and Hawks visiting Mike in the hospital, where Hawks tells Mike the truth about the senator will come out one day.


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Dreamer's Paradise
Dreamer's Paradise is about a young girl named Josie that meets a boy named Jimmy, who she thought was the best thing for her. Too stubborn to face reality, it took her two years to realize that it was either stay and suffer, or go and be alive. The trouble starts when she decides to walk away. The question now is how all of this will affect their daughter in the end.





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