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Posted By John Poindexter

It seems that Fall is finally here. The trees are changing and creating a wonderful display of colors.

I am hoping for a good long Indian Summer. I hate cold weather. Friends and family in the South keep telling me move down here. It is not just that easy to pack up and go. Wish it was.

My sabbatical from writing will come to an end when the Winter season starts and I can't go out and do work in the yard or on the house. Right now, it is hard, as we have these little black bugs that bite the hell out of you. They are smaller than nates, and they get all over you.

Not writing does not mean I have not been reading on the subject and picking up tips.

K.M. Weiland's latest writing-craft book, the Creating Character Arcs Workbook is now out and will help you immensely in your writing. I highly recommend, as it has helped me like it has others.

You should also check out her other books, to include the book Creating Character Arcs that came out before the workbook. You can find her work here on Amazon:

Katie not only writes books on writing, but has a wonderful selection of novels.
The historical/dieselpunk adventure Storming, the portal fantasy Dreamlander, the medieval epic Behold the Dawn, and the western A Man Called Outlaw.

Check out her blog   You may find some free eBooks on her site.

The biggest thing you can do for an author is leave a review of the book that you read. This helps them get notice by other readers.  I would really like to have more reviews for the books that I have sold, hint hint... Would really appreciate any I can get.

Now it is your turn to leave a comment down below. It will ask for your email, but I do not sell them. I only use them if I need to write you a private note in response to a question.

So, feel free to comment. I usually answer on the comments page.

Tell us what you are up to and your plans for winter. It is always nice to read what others are doing in their lives.

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