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While waiting for Honda to change the oil and do a computer evaluation of our CRV, I decided to change the tense in an old work that preceded the novel that I am finishing.

I guess my vacation from writing is coming to an end since it is no longer summer. I miss going outside and working in the yard or for a walk around the big outlet mall in Michigan City. What I hate most is winter and cold weather.

Here is what I am working on to re-write into third person.

    "Good evening Mr. Taylor.  How is everything tonight?" said our friend.
    "Everything will be better when we get this over with. Did you bring what I want?" Taylor asked.
    "Yes, I have your money.  That's always what you Americans want to know," said our friend, "You know Mr. Taylor, there are more important things than money.  If you Americans would realize this, then we would not have to worry about your country."
    "That's according to you, but to me the money is only an added advantage," Taylor said, "I have my own reasons for what I'm doing and this is a one-time deal.  I want to make enough money to give my wife the things she wants.  Uncle Sam doesn't pay enough for all the work and long hours we put in doing the same thing every night.  I don't know about your country, but in America stuff is expensive.  I also want to pay them back for how they have treated me and lied to me about having a great way of life in the Air Force."
    "If the material is good then I can make you a rich man," said our friend, "Now can we get down to business?"
    "Steve, the briefcase is moving," Mike said.
    "Okay let's go, Jerry remember, you stay put here in the room."
    We walked down the hall and as we got to Taylor's door, I called Jim on the radio and told him two minutes until show time.
    It was two-ten in the morning and it had finally arrived.  The time, Taylor's last free minute on earth.  I kicked the door in just as Taylor was handing his friend the classified documents.  My .45 caliber was pointing right at Taylor's head and Mike had his friend covered.  While at the same time, Jim came crashing in through the window.  They never knew what hit them.
    I told Mike, "I couldn't have timed that better if I tried."
    "Hell, you did have it timed," Mike said.
    "What the hell!" cried Taylor.
    "You’re under arrest, both of you.  Hands on top of your head.  Taylor, I'll take those documents. 
    Until Next Time


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