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Posted By John Poindexter

Another year has come and gone. At least I am still breathing, that is one good thing.


Writing this year has been pretty slim, hopefully, I can make more time to really get down to re-writing the novels into third person.


Of course, I just read a great book the Crime Writer. You should check it out.  What I found interesting was that it is written in first person.


Now, I was told by this literary agent that first person was a no-no and that it will not sell.


It seems that Gregg Hurwitz was never told this by his agent, or his publishers. Yes, that is right; more than one publisher has published his first person novels.


I hope that each of you have great year in 2011!  I also hope that you find or do whatever it is that you want to accomplish this year.


Take care and enjoy the start of the New Year!


Until next time,


Posted By John Poindexter

What is it that causes the pull that keeps bringing you back to that first page and rewriting it over and over?


If you find out, please let us know, as we all are considering rewriting it again. It seems that most writers think this way many times before they realize that it is fine the way it is written now.


Or is it?


The inner critic strikes again and again. Most people cannot turn off their inner critic and therefore, they never get past the first few pages.


Then before you know it, it has been a year or two and they are nowhere near done with their story. You can bet they have edited the same pages numerous times and can always find something else to add or take away.


There comes a time, when you must move on. Shut off that critic and just write the next scene.




Don't let him back in or you will never get to chapter twelve.


We all do it!  We let the critic out of their box and the writing stops.


You can see it on the writer's face. They keep asking themselves, what would work better here than what I just wrote?


The answer should be nothing!


Just keep writing and don't stop until the story says that is it. I am through, type the end


Now you can bring that big bad critic back and see if he can tear me apart.


I am strong, I am story!



What turns off your inner critic?


Leave a comment and tell  us, so that others may be helped by what works for you.


Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Unitl next time,






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