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Posted By John Poindexter

It is close to the end of the year again and I am still no closer to having those novels rewritten.


There just is not enough free time to write right now, with grading papers, that seem to never end, and the Amateur Radio job, yes job, not a hobby anymore. And it is an unpaid job at that.


When I think I may have time, something else comes up that takes me away from what I want to do and I have to go take care of that.


If you have had this problem too, and have a solution, please leave a message down in the comment area. I would love to know how you do it.


We have killed three today and have no idea how many more will come out of hiding and need to be taken out. It was quick for a while there, three in less than an hour.  It has been an hour and half since the last one. Don't know when the next one will come, but we are loaded and waiting.


Okay, tell us what you are doing for the holidays?  Are you visiting friends, family, writing, travelling somewhere warm for the winter break?  Everyone would like to know, so we can envy you a little, ha, ha.


The eBook sales are going good, but could be better. If you still need an inexpensive gift, you can pick up a copy of one of my eBooks on Amazon or Barnes and Noble for 99 cents.  B&N even has one, All in the Family Cruise, for free.


The Waterdance is another book by my niece that just came out and can be found here:


Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy safe New Year!  See you next year.


Until then







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