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Posted By John Poindexter

With the start of a New Year coming up soon, it is time to solicit donations for the Serenity Gardens project that 30 seniors from Knox High School want to build in order to beautify the downtown of Knox.

Without donations, this project can never be completed.

Our main fund raiser is the engraved name brick sales.  The engraving of your name will be in Capital Letters.  4x8 name engraved bricks are only $30.00.  PLEASE CONTACT KNOX HIGH SCHOOL at (574) 772-1670

Some engraving ideas are:

Name, year of graduation, then school name

Business name and location

In remembrance of

If you have questions about what you want on your brick, please call us at the number up above.

The plan includes benches, picnic tables, gazebo and landscaping. The 4 x 8 engraved bricks will be placed in a walkway going into and/or through the area. Funds needed are $10,000-15,000.

Please consider making a donation. There is a downloadable form on my website at:

We only make $10.00 from each brick sale.

If you use a credit card, we only make $7.00 due to the fees we have to pay the credit company.

Please consider sending a check to the school.

Without the help of people like you, we can not do this project. Time is running short, as items need to be ordered and made so they can be delivered in March to start the work.


If you have questions, please leave a message down below. I will get back to you with an answer.


Thanks for helping us out and making the city look better.

Until next time,



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