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Posted By John Poindexter

I found this first part while cleaning off a thumb drive. It is from 2014.

Hi all,
After a year my muse has come back and I am starting out on that road of publication again.
Yes, it’s been a year since I have written anything, but that doesn’t mean that the well is dry.
I have been plotting in my mind different stories and revisions of two novels. Oh, so much so that I find it hard to get to sleep as the muse was getting closer to returning every day, and she has landed back in my life.
She hit with a vengeance, and the trouble now is to do it all at once, plus hold down a full day of teaching.
She has me re-writing two novels and starting a new one at the same time and IT FEELS GREAT!
She came back with plans for a whole new approach to my writing, a new genre other than the thrillers that I write.
It has been so long that I didn’t think she would ever return, even though I was plotting I couldn’t sit down and type or write. The muddy thoughts were getting to thick and then early Sunday morning before the sun rose over the east wall she landed right in my lap and said, “Let’s go. Get off your ass and write this shit down.”
So, as I sit here telling you about this and listen to Jim Croce sing away, she is hitting me with more plots and telling me to get the hell off of here.

2017 wasn’t much different, except most of the writing this year has been editing.

As those you who read this know, I am an Amateur Radio Operator.  Recently, I have been enjoying the new digital mode called FT8. Out of the last 120 contacts I have made on the radio, all but 2 were with this new mode. The other two were Morse Code and Single Side-band (or voice).

I just completed an Award called Triple Play. This is where you use voice, Morse Code and digital to work all 50 States. You must work the 50 States on each of these modes, giving you a total of 150 contacts. This is not an easy task as only 1,964 Amateur Operators have completed it.

But, I must try to concentrate more on the writing than the radio and playing on the Internet.

Several thousand-people read this Blog when I post a new one. It would be nice if you left a message down in the Comments Section telling us what is going on in your life.

I, and those people, really would like to know how you are doing.

See you later,

Hollywood Dream

Posted By John Poindexter

Ah Facebook, what a font of interesting developments. Case in point: I ran across this post written by an aspiring author (identifying information has been removed):

Very much feel like giving up today. Up to now, I’ve written 1 x 115kword novel about two blokes on a road trip, 1 x 25kword romance/erotica, 2 short erotica and 2 short erotica reader magnets, I also have a 2 chapter free sample available of the longer novel. I’ve spent all my savings (15k sterling) sold my beloved classic motorcycle and now am putting my home up for sale. I have 4500 email subscribers and good open and click rates (40-50% open, 15-25%click) but since January this year when I decided to give it my all, I’ve made less than £100. I’ve used professional editors and had my covers designed properly to give a branding theme. nothing seems to work for me. I have 2 days left now to decide whether or not to risk going into debt for [A VERY POPULAR WRITING] course, any ideas/help/advice would be greatly appreciated !! and they may stop the tears!!

(Beth again):

OK. We have a bit to untangle here.

1. It’s great that this person is putting feet under his dream. KUDOS for writing. However…

2. The author has four books (apparently) in Amazon. You should note that they’re in two different categories. If I were coaching them, I’d get him to pick one genre and then build a strong author platform. It’s way easier to promote one genre than two.

3. I’d tell him to write works of varying length, various price points, and engage in copious guerrilla (low cost and no cost) marketing tactics to build organic traffic to his website. He can go on Podcasts. He can write articles (with fat bylines). He can participate in forums. He needs organic traffic to his website where visitors can sign up for his email list if they desire to do so.

4. Once he grows his list with fantastic subscribers, he needs to offer valuable information, entertainment, insights, and keep in touch with his audience.

5. After that, he could start growing his Amazon readership slow, attracting purchasers in his genre so Amazon’s magic algorithms can work their magic.

6. Under no circumstances, would I advise he go into debt. It’s one thing to plow your profits back into your business, it’s another to throw good money after bad and dig yourself deeper into a business strategy that clearly isn’t working.

7. I’d get off Facebook (or get in better groups) where I’ve often found it’s a “blind leading the blind” situation or (worse yet) a “guru” who offers advice for copious amount of cash, then somehow finds a reason to blame you when his/her techniques fail and/or their techniques no longer work because they’ve already milked them for all they’re worth. (Uff, that was a mouthful, eh?)

8. I’d tell him to write his next book. Invest time in building an authorship right, don’t fork out tons of dough trying to replicate someone else’s success, but (and this is super important) enjoy the ride!

Writing is a great profession. However, it’s got a few pit falls. Luckily there are many solid, seasoned writers more than willing to share their experiences for way less than the big bucks many gurus charge.

Finally, I’d suggest he freelance like a farmer. It’s the only way I’ve found to provide a consistent wage in this topsy turvy profession.

(Don’t know what “freelance like a farmer” means? I’ll talk about that next time.)

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