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Okay, have you thought of what type of novel you want to write?  Last week I talked about the different genres there were to choose from.


This week we need to look at getting started.  You will need some place to be able to sit and type or write out your story. You are ready to do this, right?


My world is harder to write in now that my son and his family are living with us, but I enjoy having the grandchildren here. You, too, will have interruptions and have to stop to answer questions, the telephone, or whatever you have at your place that causes you to stop in mid sentence.


Now where were we, oh yes!  Someone wrote this week on a blog that you do not have to write every day. You will read in the writing books where they say you must write each day, even if it is just a little bit. I don’t agree with them. If I feel like writing I write, if not then I don’t.  Now if I were on a deadline with a publisher to have edits done or a new book finished, I would probably be writing every day and night.


This brings us to how we write.  Do you need an outline, note cards, or what?  I did use an outline for one of my stories, but not for the other two. It can help if you have all your ideas down for what you want each chapter to contain. Then again, maybe your characters haven’t told you what they want yet, in that case you just need to start writing and see where it goes.


Once you get going, you will know what to write as your characters or the story itself will tell you what to put down.  I started one of my stories from a dream that I had. This filled up about a fourth of that book and led me to where it wanted to go for the rest.

You will find that once you get started the ideas never stop. You will lay there at night wishing sleep would come and thinking I have to be to work in four hours, please let me sleep. But, they won’t.


Most of the time you will be forced to get up and write down what they want you to know, then maybe sleep will come.  Is this a reason to stop writing?  No!  This is a reason to write more.


Now get started and next week we will talk more about this novel you want to write.



Do you have suggestions for this new writer?  Please leave your comments below.



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