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This week is another week of grading essays instead of writing. It seems that at this time of the year my writing takes a second or even third place in my time schedule.


With a house over hundred years old, it rears its ugly head every once in awhile to say I come first in everyone's life. Recently, this has been true.


But, let's talk about writing.  I just read a great blog on word count and how long should a novel be.  Her recommendation based on the editors she interviewed was 80k to 100k.


Now I thought my story was complete, all points wrapped up and the ending coming to a nice situation for the main characters. But no! According to the scale of 80 to 100, I am about 30k short.


Now what should I do? Go back and add a bunch of fluff or invent some more sub-plots to extend the book to that 80k minimum limit?


It will have to be one or the other that is for sure. This means more sleepless nights as I lay there wondering what fluff to put in or developing more sub-plots to add to it and where to stick them.


You would think that in this stressed economy book companies would want tighter (smaller) books that have a complete story and not a lot of filler to make it a 100k.  It would be cheaper to print, thereby making it able to make their money back faster.


But, being that I, too, am a new writer and trying to break into this field of publishing, I will create more words to bring my first novel up to their word limits. The second one is already over their limit so that should not be a problem.


Now, you say why not go with the second as the first one.  Would be great if it wasn’t a series and book two builds from where one lets off.


Okay, so what do you think?  Are shorter books a better idea in this economy for the publisher or not?


What do you think of the 80 to 100k word count? Is it still reasonable?


Post your comments for all to read


Read more about word counts at The Swivet, which is maintained by Colleen Lindsay.


Thanks and see you next week.



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