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It finally happened. They say it is coming.  I don't want it!


That nasty word has been spoken too many times today and by too many people.


Yes, you guessed it. It's that nasty four letter word that makes people cringe when they hear it.


Snow!  Suppose to start tomorrow, Monday, Veteran's Day. Yea me! 


I Hate Snow!


Lake effect snow is the worst thing one can hear on the local news. Oh, how Lake Michigan hates us.


3 to 8 inches.  The first snow and it is to be 3 to 8 inches. Come on!


The predictions are more snow this winter, but this is ridiculous.  That's too much for the first snow.


Then next Saturday, back up to 51 degrees.


Why can't it just stay 51 all winter?  Where is that damn global warming when you want it?


Okay, enough said.


This is November. The month of: NaNoWriMo


National Novel Writing Month.


Are you writing one?   If so, how far into are you? Care to share what it is about?


Leave a message down below and tell us all about it. We are anxious to hear your news. It has to be better than the snow news, ha ha!


NaNoWriMo runs from the 1st to the 30th of November every year.  The plan is to get people to write 50,000 words of a new novel.  This is first draft writing, that you can finish after the month is over. But, the first 50,000 words have to be written this month.


Can you do it? 


As Bob the Builder used to say, "Yes, I can!"


Okay it is your time to share. Tell us what you are writing or doing in a comment down below.  We are waiting to hear.


Oh!  In reference to the last blog, yes I was able to make contact with Wake Island twice on different frequencies.


Until next time,


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