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I am sure you are like me and are ready to say that we don't want to see any more snow for a long time.


Problem is that it is not over for us.  We are supposed to get more this weekend on the 8th. 


Besides the snow, this has to be one of the coldest winters we have had in a very long time.  I hate winter with a passion.


What have you been doing to stay warm and when you are snowed in?


Leave a message below and let us all know.


Myself, I have been on my Amateur Radio working a lot of stations around the world. Just a week ago, I worked the 5th most wanted country in the world, Amsterdam Island.


That was really great, since it is as far away from us you can go before you are heading back.


Now it is your turn, last month we had one comment from a reader in Terre Haute. 


How about some of you write us and let us know what is going on in your world.


We would love to hear from you.


Stay warm and safe.


Fill the page with comments.





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John said...
Can't believe another six inches today and drifts over three feet high. Will this winter ever end? How is it with you in your area? Leave a comment and let us know. John
February 17, 2014 08:50:01
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