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More from the never ending novel. Slowly the editing continues.

A few hours later, Hawks decided to get up and see if any word had come in about Sadie. He knew if there really had been, they would have awakened him. Hawks went over to the coffee pot and poured himself a cup and just started to sit when the door opened.

Dropping the cup, he ran toward the door when he saw Sadie standing there crying.

“I thought I would never see you again,” she said.

“Me too,” he said as he grabbed her and held her tight, knowing that it would be a long time before she felt safe again.

As they stood there kissing, he felt they were being watched so he kicked the door closed and took her toward the couch. They spent the next hour and a half on the couch catching up on missed time, when all of a sudden, a knock sounded making them both jump.

“What is it?” Hawks called, trying to act casually.

“Steve, the President is on line one,” Jim said.

“Okay. Tell him I'll be right with him.” Funny how love can make the pain go away, he thought.

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