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Sprinter vs Marathoner… Which are You?
Beth Ann Erickson


Today I’m going to reveal a writing hack that’ll transform your writing session into a power guzzling, word crunching, mind zapping, something or another… some crazy brouhaha… er… eh, just forget it.

What’s up with all the hacks?

Get this “hack/product” and you can forget writing, just talk into your computer and words will magically appear, presumably with perfect punctuation, incredible flow, and due to sheer enthusiasm, you’ll magically create a best seller!

Get this other hack and you’ll spend hours maintaining perfect multiverses (for a monthly fee), instead of allowing them to grow organically in your own mind.

Hey! Thisother hack will help you write millions of words every year! (Just don’t spend any time with your family.)

Seriously? Have we gone mad? I remember when using hacks was a bad thing (and being one was worse).

Here’s my secret: Writers create at various speeds. They use methods that work for them. It’s just the way it is. Not too glamorous, eh?

Right now, Amazon is getting flooded with “ebooks” created using hacks. And yes, they generally suck (I purposely selected that word because it best describes those books. Sorry if you’re offended.). You know why?

Great writing is thoughtful. It doesn’t follow formulas. It breaks rules. Great writers know their audience and speak directly to them, using their language. No shortcuts for that.

I can’t help but think hacks are like sprinters who fly through their event, win the crown, then are finished. Will they go on to win again? Who knows.

Marathoners, on the other hand, understand the race is long. They can’t really hack their training, they must stick to tried and true, lifetime routines.

So yea. If you want to hack, have at it. But if you want a long term career, while it’s not very glamorous, stick to what works: Write. Market. Experiment. Write some more. Strengthen your writing like a marathoner strengthens her muscles.

Make your heart pound. Write through pain. Write when you feel great. Write when you’re scared. Write when you’re uncertain tomorrow will come.

Guard your writing time. Then write.

To me, writing is a privilege. It’s honor. It’s hope.

Writing is sanity when life becomes insane.

Good writers understand that a writing career is more like a marathon than a sprint.

Great writers realize that in the end, they only raced against themselves.


This article is courtesy of Filbert Publishing. Make your writing sparkle, write killer queries, get published. Subscribe to Writing Etc., the free e-mag for freelancers and receive the e-book “Power Queries.”

Want to sell your writing? Make sure you complete these five basic tasks…

Beth Ann Erickson

If you want to sell your writing, you need to understand a few fundamental truths. These include:

1. Every writer needs to learn the basics of copywriting

You need to identify your writing’s primary benefits, zero in on them with a laser focus, and absolutely nail those benefits using active language.

2. Keep the reader on the page

Readers drop boring writing fast. In fact, in the Internet age, you have less than a couple seconds to snag a reader’s attention and draw them into your message.

3. Pique interest

The reader is concerned with one thing: WIIFM. That stands for “What’s In It For Me.” While it’s impossible to address every person’s self interests, a competent writer will take the time to get to know their audience, poke around enough to know their primary concerns, and will address these… and how you can solve them… using concrete, active language.

4. Communicate using the language of the reader

This is exceedingly important.

Many times, the natural inclination is to describe their product in a logical manner, teaching their reader why they should hire them/buy from them. That’s a mistake.

You have to turn the conversation 180 degrees and focus on your reader’s concerns.

5. Copywriting is salesmanship in print

A good writer will adjust language, communication style, even the visual representation of their words (font, images, and such) to conform to customer expectations. For just a few moments, they turn into the potential customer, address their concerns, explain how your product/service will solve those concerns, and will help your customer become excited to make the purchase.

Final thought: Solid copy not only describes your product/service, it sells it in an effective, lively way. Each word carries weight and propels your reader towards the next word, phrase, paragraph. It speaks the language of your reader and closes strong.

If your sales materials fail to do this, it may be time to study the art of copywriting.


This article is courtesy of Filbert Publishing. Make your writing sparkle, write killer queries, get published. Subscribe to Writing Etc., the free e-mag for freelancers and receive the e-book “Power Queries.”

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