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When one hears that they have taken a sabbatical,

they think of a college professor.

Can a writer take one?

Or does it just get called writer’s block?


You write what you think is the perfect story,

Even though you know there is nothing that is ever perfect.

But the story comes to a point where you scream that is

the best ending, I have ever written.

Then you are told it is too short.

You scream again, but the neighbors didn’t appreciate that one.


In reference to the above, the perfect story ends just at the right place

 where the characters and the story line are complete.

 But, now you must/nay are forced to increase the story size.

Where to start… where to start.

This is what you have been thinking on for over a year.

After a too long of time, you think maybe I should give in and

increase the number of pages of a completed work, after all.


Your mind is cloudy with the thoughts of, How am I going to increase the size of this perfect story?

You look at the second-best story you have written and find it has over 65,000 words.

How did you go so short in the first one to have only just over 40,000?


Who is this mystical God that says a novel has to be more than 50,000 words?


Finally, I have become convinced that I must go back to work either with my mind creating or my fingers typing some more words.


Will I?


Only the future knows for sure.


Back in the Nineties when the Internet had started here via dial-up, we played an on-line game with a chat room. In this chat room, I stated writing a story, so much a night over a period of time. When finished it was suggested that I should publish that story, but I knew I would have to not use their on-line names, but make up new ones. That story is called All in the Family Cruise. After that I wrote three more short stories and published all of them as eBooks. Below is part of the opening of Dreamer's Paradise.

She walked out into the night air knowing it could be the last time.  She was going to put an end to it and move as far away as she could.  It was over, she knew it, but would he let her go. The air was bitter against her cheeks for a June night, but she couldn’t stop now, “not now” was all she thought. 


Now it would stop. She waited for a car to pass and then crossed over to Second Street.  Feeling in her pocket, the gun was ready.  He was there, leaning on the lamp post as usual talking to his low-life friends.  He didn’t even turn around when she walked up.

      “What you want?” Jimmy asked.

      “Nothing.  I just have this for you,” she said and handed him the divorce papers.


As usual he drew back his hand and was ready to hit her when she pulled the 22 caliber out of her pocket. He laughed and swung at her. She ducked and hit him in the leg with the first bullet.


She arrived at home a little after midnight and knew he wouldn’t be there yet.  She made sure all the doors were locked and then climbed into the cab that was waiting for her.  She told the driver, “Drive by Second and Main, please.”  She was curious to see if he was still standing there bleeding. As they drove through the intersection, she smiled and leaned back…

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Dreamer's Paradise



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