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Winter is upon us, and I haven’t seen the sun in two days. Very discouraging weather.  And it is cold out.

I have to do the last edit on Book two of the Steve Hawks series. Once I am done with that, I will post the synopsis of that novel here.  Book three is still sitting and waiting for me to get back to it. The working title for that one is Dirty Bomb.

As you can see, I have plenty of work, just need to find the motivation to get it all done.

Christmas is 19 days away, and I have finished no shopping. Don’t expect to get it done, since she said we can wait for what she wants to come available. Have the kids and grandkids Christmas all finished that what’s counts.

How is your Christmas shopping? All finished?  House all decorated?   We decorate no more since it is just the two of us.

I will be glad to see the end of this year. But I suspect it will not improve the world. The virus to eliminate a great number of people in order to shrink the world population is still going strong and doesn’t seem to have an end.

The election for president was a grand farce and is still being fought. Wonder when that will end?

In 40 days, I will have gone around the universe another year. Never thought I would live this long with all the dangerous things I have done in my life. However, I am still here.

Anyone know a real strong person who climbs towers and can pull a heavy pipe out of the tower at 55 feet high?  I need one to fix an antenna.  Or maybe a big bucket truck and a strong person who can get the pipe out without dropping it through my roof. If so, please let me know.

Now it is your turn to tell us all what is going on in your world. Just leave a message down below and rests assure when it asks for an email address that is to just make sure you are not a robot. They don’t record it anywhere for later use.

Until next time, be safe, wear the mask and have a Happy Holiday Season.



I look forward to reading your comments. 



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STEVE HAWKS - THE DILEMMA is the first in a series of novels that highlights the lives of Federal Agents who work only for the President of the United States.

It opens with Hawks and his agents rescuing a girl from a group of terrorists. She tells him there are more of them on their way to Washington D.C.

Six armed Asian men have stormed the Senate Visitor Center. Hawks and his team kill the terrorists and find the senator they were after, who denies any dealing with the terrorists.

Hawks and his team now travel to Thailand to capture an Air Force member who is selling secrets to a Russian spy. Later, they go to Germany to bring the spy to the U.S.

The president appoints Steve Hawks as the Director of the Espionage, Terrorist Bureau (ETB). Only thirty minutes into being the boss, the president calls and wants him to handle an FBI case concerning weapons dealing to a foreign country from a military base.

Hawks and his two best agents, Jim Horton and Mike Phillips, go to New Mexico to investigate the gun smuggling after discovering shipments of weapons from the Air Base there to another one in California.

This brings in Hawks’ love, Sadie MacKenzie. Steve sends Sadie in undercover against the smugglers.  She arranges a gun deal and must meet the leaders of the smuggling operation.

All Hawks is thinking about is Sadie and her safety. He steps out from behind cover to shoot a smuggler and ends up shot himself.

When he awakes in the hospital, Sadie is there beside him and he tells her to call the President to inform him of how it went. He says tell him that the future Mrs. Hawks is calling. She accepts this odd proposal.

They go to France on their honeymoon, but tragedy strikes. Someone kidnaps Sadie and tells Steve Hawks to go back to D.C. Upon returning, the President wants him to work another FBI case, but Hawks refuses, stating that his wife comes first.

Hawks releases Taylor, the spy. However, the kidnappers decide that they will not release Sadie until the next day. He attempts to convince her to quit her job, but this develops a sub-plot about the tension between the two over her working as an agent that will continue throughout the series.

The president orders Hawks to work on the FBI investigation concerning the senator’s, from the capital shooting, son missing. Hawks brings in the senator’s son and they discover he is not the killer, but another Asian man is the murderer.

Mike calls Hawks and tells him they found the kidnappers. Hawks takes a team to Atlantic City and meets up with Sadie and Mike. Hawks tries to convince Sadie not to get involved any further, but she refuses and insists on being in on the takedown. At dinner that evening, Sadie tells Hawks he will be a daddy, and that she is not quitting her job.

The terrorists captured the senator. They shoot Mike Phillips when he goes after them. 

The story ends with Sadie and Hawks visiting Mike in the hospital, where Hawks tells Mike the truth about the senator will come out one day.


Hollywood Dream

In various eBook formats. See my webpage for the places to download it.

Cindy went to Hollywood chasing her dream of becoming a Star. However, she ends up meeting Linda, a murderous woman. Will she ever become that Star and make her dream come true? Get Hollywood Dream and find out.


Hollywood Dream

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