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February, the coldest month of them all is here. We have temperatures in the teens and next week single digits. Too damn cold for me. But can’t afford to have a second place in Florida. Guess I will stay inside and be a hermit for the next month and a half.


I have held off writing as this old house has acted up again. Now the kitchen drain will not work. After two and half bottles of drain cleaner and several plunger attacks, it still holds out and won’t drain freely. We have most of the material to fix it, but it is just too cold to be running to a store for parts every half hour or so when something else decides it needs to be replaced. Plumbing problems in this 115-year-old house is a real pain. Hopefully, in a couple of weeks the weather will break and temps will get above freezing so we can make trips for the parts needed. These old bones of mine dislike the cold at all.


I finally caught up with my wife in age on January 15th. We are both the same age for six months and then she will lead again. We have been doing this age game for 50 years and 9 months.

We wanted to go on a trip for our 50th anniversary last May, but of the course this damn virus destroyed these plans. Maybe, this year will be better.

Besides May being our 51st wedding anniversary, it will be my 2nd after open heart surgery. I am glad that we are both in good enough health that we could go somewhere, if it was safe to do so.


When I get back to writing, I will go over the review of the manuscript to rewrite the areas that were suggested to be added or corrected. Some I don’t agree with, so will have to make sure I study those suggestions carefully before blindly adding them into the story. It will be a stronger story when these suggestions are done.


What are you doing in this bitter cold weather?

Are you well and staying safe?

Please leave a message down below and let us all know what is going on in your life.


Until next time, be safe, wear the mask and stay warm.



I look forward to reading your comments. 



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She Rises at Dawn

The affluent northwest side of Chicago rarely has problems where a Private Investigator would be seen running around the neighborhoods. However, Patricia (Pat) Michaels was hired by a rich Chicago Stock Market Trader to find his missing wife.

The mystery really heats up when Michaels believes she see the wife, but can never catch up with her. On several occasions, and in the different places she looks, there is always a woman that looks like Stacie Herr leaving in a hurry. Michaels is not able to stop her and begins to question whether the wife is really missing or just having an affair.

Put on your thinking cap and figure it out before her.

She Rises at Dawn will keep you thinking.

She Rises at Dawn




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