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How are you all doing?

Fall has arrived. We thought winter had, as we have already had our first snow and cold temperatures. Now we are having chilly mornings and warm afternoons. I could live with this all winter long.

A lot has happened since the last issue. We finished the renovation of the dining room, except for the new ceiling fan and light. Waiting for son to come and do that, as he is better at it than me.

The outside work on the barn/shed is done and waiting to be used this winter.

We call it a shed, but the company calls it a barn as they shaped it that way.

On Hawks’ Dilemma, the finished cover is below (I hope. If this program allows it). So happy that this one is finally done.

I will start on the cover for book two before long. Still trying to figure out this self-publishing route. There are thousands of documents on the web about publishing, but not one that states step by step on how to do it for a novel by a new author.

Do you go with Amazon Direct, where it remains with just them for at least 90 days, or do you go with a company that will send out to a lot of different sites?

That is the big question. And no matter how many times I ask on Twitter or Facebook about hoping that an author will reply, they do not.

I just need for someone to explain to me what the best way to go is for a new author. There are two books of the series finished and the third and fourth started.

This Blog has almost 740,000 hits, but very few comments. I realize to leave a comment they want to collect some information; I cannot find anywhere it is used.

No one uses or stores your email address. I have tested this with my unique email addresses and have received no spam emails from leaving comments.

So, if you have a comment, please leave it. We would all like to know what your thoughts are.


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