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The bricks are back in and the metal roof is almost finished and should be done by tonight.

We probably never will get the tables from the Roudebush Company, as we paid for them back in March and he still has not delivered.

I turned it over to the City attorney to see if he can do something legally to get them.

The Mayor is looking at getting water and lights put in.

As far as for me, I am through with all we were going to do, since we can not get the tables. Told Street Superintendent about the sign and that he can have it to hold until the water lines get ran so they can determine where to put the sign.





Posted By John Poindexter

The Mayor emailed me that they took all the footprints and bricks out of the garden.

Supposed to put in sidewalks to make it ADA compliant, I was told by the Street Superintendent.

There was nothing wrong with the brick walkway as a person in a wheelchair had already been in and out of the Gazebo without any problems.

As of now, I am not involved with that project any longer.

When, or if, the Roudebush Company ever decides to deliver the tables that have been paid for since March of 2015. The city can take delivery and do with them what they like.

I am not longer doing anything with the Garden, since they removed our hard work.

I put in over 1000 hours of my FREE TIME to raise money to build that Garden. Only 6 students sold bricks. I sold the rest.

After all that to have it taken apart is ridiculous.

I am DONE!


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On the Serenity Gardens Project, the gazebo has the wood sub-roof on, and still waiting for the steel roofing to be finished.

We are still waiting on the tables, as I spoke with him over a month ago and his truck is still being fixed. Hopefully, sometime in the next year they will finally be delivered.

Yes, they were paid for during last school year.

No more work will be done on the Garden until the city decides on the water and electric installation.

See you later



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Summer is over after today.  I go back to work tomorrow and students come back on Tuesday.

On the Serenity Gardens Project, the gazebo has the wood sub-roof on waiting for the steel roofing to come in and be finished.

We are still waiting on the tables, as I spoke with him on Monday and his truck is still being fixed. Hopefully, within two weeks he will deliver them.

Nothing new on the writing front as other interests have taken over my life. Maybe I will find time on weekends when things slow down.

What has your summer been like?  Leave a message below and let us all know how and what you have done.

Gazebo July 2015

Until next time,


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The gazebo will be finished when the rain stops, so it does not ruin the wood that will be covered by the metal roof.

The two tables will be delivered when the company's truck gets fixed. Then some bushes along the alley and I am through with it. 

There will be no big project like this again for me. This has drained me and leaves me sleepless at night. I think this is why my health is not good at this time.

Medical tests results should be back in the next week and then the visit next month with a new lung doctor might help, too. Just hope the tests results are good ones. They are running about a half dozen different blood tests. The other test, that I can't remember the name of, was done on Wednesday.  Those results should have been back today, but the clinic never called. So, I guess IU Starke didn't get it to them or the PA just didn't bother to call.

Someone left 12 bags of plant dirt on the Gardens site.  I have no idea who or why?  If you know, please leave a message down below and tell me about it.


Hope to get back to writing before too long.

Stay dry and see you next time.





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