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Posted By John Poindexter

It seems this winter can not make up its mind whether to be cold or not. For me, I hate cold so it can get warmer and stay that way.


Busy time of quarter again. 150 essays to grade, actually 76 will come in two weeks, so I need to get the 60 done before that happens.


Picked up a Nook from my son. Still haven't figured out how to get my books on there yet. But, I am sure he will show me.


Nothing new on the writing front, except that I am going to revaluate the ones that are on the web now and move at least one off for awhile.  It has been downloaded over 500 times, so time to bring it back home for awhile.


Sitting here writing this and watching the end of Chuck, and must say after not watching it for a season, it hasn't changed much. But, since it is the series final show, I thought I would watch it.


I know I should be writing or reading, but I am writing this which makes no sense at all because I am jumping from one thing to the next.


Much like my thought train has been doing lately.



Tell us what you have been up to or are writing or reading, or whatever is on your mind.


Keeping this short and will see you again.


Until then...





Posted By John Poindexter

Another Birthday has come again. Today I turn 61.  I don't feel that old most of the time. As I tell people when they ask me how old I am, I am old enough to know better and still young enough to do a lot.


I wonder if this year will be the year that I get off my ass and get the rewrite done on those novels.


The eBooks have been on-line now at the major bookstores for over six months and some are selling, but not as well as I had hope. Of course the free one is approaching 600 copies given away.


It is funny that the spoof crime story is the one that is free and yet three people that got it for nothing complain that it is terrible. These are the types that you could give them the moon and they would say that it is used and they want a new one.


It is 5 degrees out today, January 15th, the day of my birth. Tomorrow most of the States celebrate King's birthday as his is the 15th also, but we don't get it off.


Would be funny if we did, then I would be the one at work who's birthday would be a national holiday.


I haven't heard anything new on the video game front. I do know the creator is now looking forward to him and his wife's first addition to the family. That will probably slow down the production of it.


It is 9:32 a.m. and sounds like the family is up now, so I guess I better go and greet them. I already replied to all the well wishes on Facebook, so I can now get off the computer and do something else. And I thanked them all for the best birthday wishes.


I will probably play Amateur Radio again today like I did yesterday. I am still trying to contact a team of Amateurs on the little island Malpelo in the Pacific.


Try to stay warm and dry.


Until next time,





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