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Posted By John Poindexter

Hello again,

For the next few Blogs I will be presenting a Guest Blog by Kate Bloomfield on How to write a novel (in 2 months).

Don't forget you can leave a comment or more on this topic.

You can see more about Kate at her website:

How to write a novel (in 2 months)

Okay, I'm not going to pretend to be an expert. I published my first novel 'Frost Arch' in February 2012. It took me 2 years (on and off) to finish the book, and another 2 years to publish it through amazon. Looking back, if I'd spent a couple of hours each day focusing on this book, I could have finished it within 7-8 months. It took 2 years because I kept getting distracted, didn't plan properly, got stuck, and gave up multiple times. Looking back, there is A LOT I would change about this book. (Whoops! Too late now!) However, here are a few techniques I implemented when writing my next novels.

My novel 'Passing as Elias' was published in March 2012. That's right. One month after I published Frost Arch. I'll use this novel as an example in the following steps. Click here to read the synopsis of the novel: LINK

How long did it take me to write Passing as Elias? 2 months.
Word count: 50,000

I was able to complete a full length novel in 2 months without rushing. How? Planning.
Day 1-2: Conception

An idea is born. I knew I wanted to write about a lesbian in 18th century England. After I thought up my initial idea I began to write down plot-points, and major happenings in the story.
For example, my plot points looked like this:
               •    Woman dresses as man
               •    falls in love with another woman
               •    true identity is revealed
That's it. 3 plot points. You have a beginning that starts the story, the "problem/complication" in the middle, and an ending.

Day 3-4: Design
Start planning the series of events that will take place in your novel. You're going to need characters and sub-plots to make your story interesting.
Who is the character in question? Where does he/she work? What does he/she look like? Who is his/her love interest? What problems can arise from the decisions they make?
After asking myself these questions I realised that I needed a reason for my character to crossdress. So, after careful deliberation my story outline looked something like this:
                •    Woman (Elizabeth) works as an apprentice at an apothecary
                • The death of her employer/professor sets the story in motion.
                •    The Professor has left Elizabeth the Apothecary in his will
                •    Business turns sour with a female apothecary so Elizabeth dresses as a man to help business.


I want to thank Kate for allowing me to post her work.


Be sure to check out her website, and find her on Twitter and Facebook.

Until next time (in about two weeks) I will post more of her How to write a novel (in 2 months).



Posted By John Poindexter

Another year has come despite the warning from olden days. What it holds no one really knows.



I want to thank the over 1000 people that come here to read my ramblings on every new posting. Maybe some time this year they will be more interesting.


Seriously though, if you have what you think would be a great guest post on writing, please email so we can discuss posting it here. It would be wonderful to have some words from other authors.


2012 - Good things - new baby in family, eBooks selling well, most of the family doing good health wise.


2013 - Maybe more eBook sales and if lucky even a novel. Hopefully, all will be healthy throughout the year.



I saw the best New Year resolution the other day on the "educational page". It read something like: My resolution will be to pay more for food and gas.  I would add utilities since they want to raise them too.


But, at least milk will not go to 8 dollars a gallon.  Sorry cows, no raise for you.


This is the time of the year where everybody is making resolutions that they will not keep. So, I think the one above I will be able to keep with no problem. Now, if I were to say lose weight, it could happen, but like Red Green said today, "Well here we are in a brand new year with the same old us. Resolution time. I'm going to try to lose a few pounds. I know I'll put it all back on but at least it'll be new fat. My version of recycling."


Okay, how was your New Year's Eve?   Anything exciting happen? Any resolutions you care to share?


Leave a comment down below and tell us all about it.

In closing:


My only hope is that I live long enough to be able to retire some day. Then I will have more time to read, write and play on amateur radio. Maybe even go fishing again, (no son not before the sun comes up) something I haven't done much since buying a lifetime license.


Okay, it is now your turn to tell us about what your plans are for the New Year. Just leave a comment down below and we will all enjoy it.


Until next time,





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