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Can you believe it is February already? Sorry it has been a month since I updated.

I started the year off giving myself a concussion from falling off a ledge in the basement and hitting a steel toolbox.  No, I was not drinking. I was checking a water line that was frozen. Still suffering headaches from it, but the CT scan was normal.

For those authors out there, who might read this, do you think it wise to try and get a main stream publisher to buy your book or just go the self-publishing route? Please answer below where it says Comments. Thanks!

One of the latest novel I am working on is called Deadly Revenge.

Between Book 1 and this one, they have a child. Some tension builds when she decides to go back to work.

“Steve, I've been thinking about coming back to work.  Do you think it's too soon?” she asked, glancing over the paper at me.

“You don't have to come back yet,” I said.  “Your leave of absence is not due for review for another two months and I think Patricia needs you here.”

“We can always get someone to watch her.”

We had discussed this before, but I still wasn't sure how I felt about it.  “Yes, but she's only six months old and I think her mother should be the one she is with for a little longer.”

“Well, we can discuss it more tonight.  With the change in mission, I may be needed,” she said.

“If I need a female agent, I can always use someone else.  That way I won't have to worry about you,” I said and knew instantly I had said the wrong thing.

“If that’s the way you think, then good-bye.  I'm going to check on the baby,” she said, shoving her chair into the table.

A lot of fast-paced action in this one keeps the reader wondering what is going to happen next.

I will be looking for Beta Readers when it is all finished.

Another one I am working on it called Dirty Bomb.

Mike came back and said, "Steve, she was on the phone telling somebody that she had hooked up with us just by chance and had placed a homing device inside the left rear fender."

"I do know that we have to lose that device." I said.

"Why are we stopping here?" Jenny asked. "We just got going again."

I said. "I want to know who you're working for?"

"I don't know what you mean," she said, her eyes opening wide.

"Yes, you do," I said, taking a step closer to her. "Mike heard you tell someone that you planted a homing device on our car. Now either talk or we leave you here."

"He must be mistaken," she said bitterly. "I'm not working for anyone."

"Take off your shoes, socks, and coat," I said as I pulled my gun.

"You're crazy!" she said and backed up.

"Do it or we will," I said.

As she pulled off the items, I said, "Jim, search her bag."

"There's nothing in the bag except clothes," Jim said.

"Put these in there," I said as I tossed him her shoes, socks, and coat. "You're on your own now lady. By the way, your device is on another vehicle," I said as I climbed back into the car.

"You can't leave me here like this," she said frantically. "I'll freeze."

"It’s not that cold," I said as Mike pulled away.

This is going to be a cold snowy week for us.  Have a great week and let me hear from you down below in the Comments.

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