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2019 started off with a busy schedule. I finally started writing again

and increased the size of the first novel in the Steve Hawks series

by 13,000 words. Then along came two biopsies.  Thank God they

turned out to be nothing serious. Now all I have left is to align the

chapter headings and re-number them so they are in order. After

that I can start rewriting book two and write more on books three

and four that I abandoned a couple of years ago to concentrate on

books one and two.

I am trying to decide if I want to market out book one to an agent

or publisher before I have them all done, or wait so the series will

be completed and more desirable to a publisher. Guess I will make

that decision soon. What are your thoughts on this?

How is the year going for you? 

Leave a message down at the bottom where it says Comments and tell us about you. We really do want to know.


Here is a short piece out of one the eBooks.

All in the Family



            Everyone was at breakfast except Carol.  Nobody had seen her all morning, so we guessed she skipped breakfast in order to sleep in late.

            “Ladies and Gentlemen,” the Activities Director said, “we will be having different contests throughout the day.  Please check the handouts on your tables for something that might be of interest to you.”

            “Linda,” Terri said.  “Have you seen Carol?”

            “Not since last night when her and Georgia were talking about spoons.”

            “She would love this trivia contest today.  I think I will go find her,” Terri said as she got up from the table.

            “Okay, see you later,” Linda said.

            Almost everyone had finished breakfast when Terri came back into the dining room looking like she was getting seasick.

            “Terri, are you okay?” Tony asked.  Terri nearly missed the chair she was attempting to sit down in.  Luckily, Tony had fast reflexes and caught her.

            “Terri,” Linda said. “What’s a matter?”

            “It’s Carol,” Terri said.

            “What about Carol?” Tony asked as he was walking by.

            “Is something wrong?” Linda asked.

            “What is it?” Monica asked.

            “She was found dead in her cabin this morning,” Terri said as she started crying.


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All in the Family




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