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Posted By John Poindexter

On the Serenity Gardens Project, BRICK SALES ARE OVER!

Thanks for all the support.


Posted By John Poindexter

Good News

Brick Sales are Back by Popular Demand.

New cut-off date will be April 1st.


As of Mar 7th, we have sold 126 bricks and received more donations. 

1 Source Bank $350

O’s Tap              $350

Mr. Christo       $100

Tri Kappa       $1000 – 30 (1 brick)

Mr. and Mrs. Lockridge $350

REMC  $350

5 Star $100- 30 (1 brick)

Knox City Council $350

Judge Hall  $100

Granny’s Market will be providing plants and flowers in the spring.

We still need big businesses to step up and donate towards the gazebo. We mailed out over 65 letters and flyers to various manufacturers and businesses.

So far the results are shown above.

If you have not bought your name engraved brick yet, there is still time. Remember they are only $30.00.


Minimum amount needed to do the basic items for the garden is $10,000.00.

Our budget calls for $17,000.00


Please help support this community service project by the 30 seniors of class 2015.

The items we need and their cost are:

Gazebo: $5,000.00
Bench:   $350.00
Table:     $850.00
Other items, cement, rock: $100.00 to help with each item.

Our main fundraiser is still the engraved name brick sales.  The engraving of your name will be in Capital Letters.  4x8 name engraved bricks are only $30.00.  PLEASE CONTACT KNOX HIGH SCHOOL at (574) 772-1670

Please consider making a donation. There is a downloadable brick order form on my website at:

Please consider sending a check to the school.

Thank you to those have donated and bought bricks.




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