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Posted By John Poindexter

Do you have trouble deciding what to do when you have time to do something? Trying to decide to do work or play at one of your hobbies has to be one of the hardest decisions to make during your free time.

I know I should be writing, but Amateur Radio keeps calling me to my radio. I enjoy working people in different countries on the frequencies we are allowed to use. Whether it is talking to them with your voice or using Morse code or digital is very exciting, especially when you talk to someone in a new country that you have not talked to before.

Now technically we call talking to someone, working them on 20 meters, or whatever band we are on at that time.  So, I guess if someone asks if I am working, I can say sure I am because I am working different people in different countries.

I know that I should be writing and not playing, but the thrill of talking to someone across the world by sending a signal out on a thin wire is unbelievable.

Amateur radio is also used for emergency communications as well.  Some Hams (as we are called) chase storms and report in to the Weather Bureau. My young son, when he was little, used to like to go chase storms until a tornado came to close to us, then he wasn't sure if he wanted to go anymore.

If you’re interested in talking to people without having to pay for it, check out Amateur Radio.  You have to have a Federal license to use Amateur Radios, but the test is not hard anymore.

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