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In my last post, I asked if this year was going to be better. So far, I have had two heart procedures and now undergoing lung tests. Guess I could say it has been better. At least we can get outside, without that damn mask on, and go places.

I will be so glad to have warmer or even hot weather. This cold is getting harder to put up with as you get old. Of course, when it gets here, that means we will argue over whether the air conditioner should be on or off.

Haven’t had time to write very much. Did some editing and rewrote the beginning of a story. Maybe next week I will get back to that.

How about you? Are you ready for summer?

Leave a comment down below to let us all know what your thoughts are.

This is a working copy of the synopsis for Hawks’ Deadly Revenge.


The President said that Hawks' agency will diversify now that the cold war is over and they will enter the drug war.

Hawks takes a few personnel to Florida and sets up an operation to infiltrate the Colombian ring all the way to the leader in Colombia. The operation is full of intense moments. Hawks, portraying a Mafia boss from New York, enters into deals with the Colombians. They kill an agent in one raid when their boat blows up. They lost Sadie at sea when the helicopter she was riding in goes down during a gun battle with the drug smugglers.

Hawks finally buys his way to Colombia. During dinner with the drug lords, Hawks' men and Navy Seals attack the plantation. They shut down the operation, and all buildings destroyed.

The press, being locked out of the courtroom, have questions about the agencies involved in the raid. They do not reveal the identity of Hawks and his personnel to the press. It seems the American people may never find out about the President's secret weapon.

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Dreamer's Paradise

Dreamer's Paradise is about a young girl named Josie that meets a boy named Jimmy, who she thought was the best thing for her. Too stubborn to face reality, it took her two years to realize that it was either stay and suffer, or go and be alive. The trouble starts when she decides to walk away. The question now is how all of this will affect their daughter in the end.






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