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Posted By John Poindexter

I just checked the sales report for 2011 and 2012 for my eBooks and the results are great!


This report does not count the books sold via Amazon, just Barnes and Noble and other Reader sales.


One of the books sales report shows 907 copies downloaded.  That is great in my mind.


And what is funny, it is the one that is really a spoof crime story.  One that someone said was horrible, and another said their kids could write a better story.


There are always critics that cut your work down, but two bad comments out of 907 sales doesn't mean anything.


Now, if I could just get the other books to sell that much, then maybe I could make some money. Of course, the 907 sales were at a lower price than the others.


That is why they are selling at 99 cents, in hopes that that helps sales. We have stopped selling the one that sold the most for now to also help the others out.


How are your sales doing?  Why not leave a message below and let us know your successes in your book sales. We would love to hear about them.


The weather has to get good again, so we can spend some time outside sitting in the swing, writing on the new story.


We are still waiting for the video game developer to get back with me about the story for their shooter game. Our fingers are crossed that he will still be doing the game and the story will be used to enhance the game.


Writers often get their ideas from people they know, items in the news or just their imagination.  There sure has been a lot in the news lately, but some the items I don't think I want to write about just now. Maybe in a few years I can go back and write about them, as they would still be relevant then as they are now.


What are you working on?  Are your stories coming along like you want or is the writing slow?  Leave a message and tell everyone what you are up to in your writing.


Until next time, have a great time doing whatever it is you do.







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