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Posted By John Poindexter

So, we are under lockdown until May 1st, unless the governor changes it again.  I am not sure it will be safe to go out for some time yet.  If we do go out, we will just wear a mask and avoid crowds.


What have you been up to while staying home and being safe?  Leave an answer down below. Just click on the word Comments.


Found the beginning of a new story for my female private detective that I started some time ago and have just let it sit. Thought I might share it and see what you think of it.  Please leave a message down below if you would like to comment on it.



Chapter One


            She opened her eyes to see Eric watching her. He smiled and slid his hand over her side onto her back. Pulling her closer, she could feel his welcome gift against her leg. He was in no hurry to leave and go to work, nor was she. They made love again, just like they had during the night several times.

            The phone broke the tension, and he swore. But she just kissed him again and let the phone ring. He reached for it and she said, “It’s mine, let it ring.”  So he did.

            It started again and this time, he said, “I think we need to answer that, it is getting late.”

            She looked at him and said, “Fine.”  She grabbed the phone and said hello.

            “Pat, you coming in today?” Julia said.


            “Because you had a phone call and they want to meet with you.”

            “Okay, I will be there by eleven.” She hung up.

            “Work calls?” Eric said as he climbed out of bed.

            “I guess so.” She patted the bed. He smiled, leaned over and kissed her.

            “I need to go in too”, he said. “They probably wonder why I am not there already.”

            “I may have a new client. Of course, that is to be seen. The last one that came in wanted me to find their dog that was missing,” she said and climbed out of bed.

            “I’ll call you,” Eric said as Pat was heading for the shower.

            She stopped at the bathroom door to look at his six-foot five, hundred- and eighty-pound frame and thought wow, what a hunk.

            “Will I see you tonight?” she said.

            “Maybe.” He smiled and closed the door.

            Sergeant Eric Brown wasn’t worried about being late for work. Detectives could come and go as they pleased, and he was quite pleased this morning. Patricia Michaels owns her own detective agency, so she too could go in whenever it pleases her. But she was quite pleased by him this morning.  Now she would have to see what this new case could be about and hoped it was worth taking on.

End of chapter one.



The best thing is that the weather is getting warmer, especially after the snow we had yesterday. Some places around here got close to four inches of it.

I hate cold weather and am thrilled when summer comes.

Warm weather means home projects to keep me busy. Not too busy, ha ha.

Last year, I made a list and was able to get all but two things done. This year’s list has two ceiling jobs to do and painting. I hate painting, but it needs to be done as the last time we painted some of the rooms was 30 years ago. Should be enough work to keep me busy all summer and not thinking about viruses or even food, maybe.


How many of you have been eating too many snacks since on house restrictions?

It will be nice to get out for a walk around the blocks. We took a short one the other day when it was warm. Went around two blocks before the pain in the hip said that is it, time to go home.

I hope each of you are doing fine and staying safe. Maybe by this time next year, we will say remember that virus thing we had. Then we can talk about how we survived it.


I look forward to reading your comments. 

Until next time,


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