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Hello Everyone,

I am alive and finally updating this Blog. The worse of winter may be over. Not holding my breath, though. When you live in Indiana, especially northern Indiana, you never know what the weather will be at this time of the year. You could have more than one season in a single day.

Since last time, we were able to get the kitchen remodeled, and she is thrilled with the new items that were put in, especially the Air Fryer. She is learning to cook with it and doing a great job.

Now we move on to an outside project when I can walk again.

Yes, I seem to have torn the meniscus and who knows what else inside my left knee. MRI tomorrow will tell us what needs to be repaired. Then maybe I can play golf again. Missing out on some good days of being out on the course with my son.


Yesterday, I looked over the edits of the second novel, Deadly Revenge. There are some excellent suggestions, but there are also some that I don’t agree with that I will not make. The reason for that is they will change the story line and I am not in favor of redoing the story line.

My big problem is taking the time to sit down in the chair and work on the story. I have so much more that I want to do than just sit and write. Wish I could hire a ghostwriter to make these changes for me.

Oh, then I might be like another author that puts a book out about every two to three weeks. LOL.

Book three and four are sitting on the drive screaming, when? They want to be worked on as well.

The being lockdown on this pandemic did not instill me to sit and write. It was more like I was trapped and the motivation was all gone. I need my muse to come home and get me going again.

She did that years ago, and that is how the complete draft of book two was done in a brief time period of a week. Travel restrictions I guess is keeping her away.


Now it is your turn to tell us what wonderful things you are doing now that spring is here.

Please go down below and click on comments and leave us all a message so that we can share in your enjoyment. Any information asked for below is not stored and used by anyone.


I am looking forward to hearing from all of you.


Take care and stay safe,



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