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Posted By John Poindexter

What a month I have had. We first went into the Porter Hospital for an Angiogram on the 14th. Seemed like we just got started and he stopped. I finally asked the male nurse, are we through?

Not yet, he is on the phone with the surgeon. At that point I knew something bad was wrong.

A few minutes later, the female nurse, who was doing almost all of the work anyway, started undoing things and told me that we were through for today.

When we were back in the recovery the doctor came in and described the problem.  I had three bad blockages that he felt need to be fixed by surgery rather than trying to put stents in. One problem was they were too close to old stents and on a curve in a three-way artery. 

About an hour later the surgeon came in and asked me if I wanted him to fix it. Of course, there was not much choice. He explained what he would do and that it would happen next week.

On the 22nd we showed at Porter at 5:30 in the morning, only to learn that I had been rescheduled for 8 am.

There we sat, almost all of the family, only one daughter-in-law could not be present.  It was nice to have my sister there too.

Then the time came and I don’t remember anything until after I was fully awake with this tube down my throat breathing for me.  It seems that I was a hard case for him as most of my veins were not good enough for use in the bypass. Varicose veins can not be used.

Five incisions in my legs later, and he finally found enough to the do the bypass. So, the triple bypass was completed and we go on from there.

I have been home now for 5 days and everyone keeps telling me you look so good. I do feel a little better, but the pain is going to take a long time heal, especially the legs.

I must say that they do a wonderful job at Porter Hospital in Valparaiso, IN. I had two of the best nurses that I have ever had. Tricia and Holly. You will never be forgotten. The doctor is great and really cares for his patients. He is in there at least twice a day and for me on a couple of days he was in there more than that. He even stopped in one morning and asked how I was feeling. Then said he was on his way to surgery and would see me later.

My family has been there for me the whole time and that is a great feeling to have them so close.

Now my wife and I are working to get me healed. She takes real good care to follow the checklist every day that I must complete and takes me on the walks that I have to have.

I am hoping that I will be back to normal in at least two months or less.

Then maybe I can get back to writing and trying to sell that first novel I finished before all of this happened.

Hopefully, you all are having a great start to summer.  Leave a message and tell us all what your plans are for summer.

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