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It has been two days in post-op recovery. The pain is still horrible and I am not moving very fast at all. Without the walker, I don't think I could make it ten feet.


I have been told that recovery time is at least 4 weeks.  Right now I am trying to sit in this chair with only a little key board on my legs.



Remember, if you want to be a writer, you must sit down and write. Also, you need to read. Read those types of stories you like and want to write.  That way you can see how it is done by those that made it to the published world.



Still haven't had many comments about what all of you are doing this summer. I know I am through with surgeries for quite a while.



Take care and hopefully, next time I will have more to say.


Until next time,



Posted By John Poindexter

 Finally the fireworks have almost stopped for now. Really tired of hearing them going off.  It is time for the government to outlaw commercial sales of fireworks to prevent the injuries that occur each year.


Are you on Facebook?   If so, have you befriended Pixel of Light?  They give away free eBooks three times a day.  They usually have four or five each time with different genres each time.


Another great source for books is BLOG TOUR DE FORCE


They have free give-a-ways several times a year.  And again they provide different genres.


They even have FREEBOOKSY


This website is where you can sign up for different types of books to be sent to you. They will be delivered to your inbox.  You tell them what type of literature you want to receive and how often, for what type of reader and your email type.  It is all explained on their website via the link above.


I haven't done any writing this past two week as I had eye surgery and am still mending from that. Now it is time for the consult for the next surgery plus a procedure on another issue. Maybe sometime soon I can get to that editing and get some writing done.


How about you?  Have you been working on anything interesting?  Tell us all about we would love to hear.


One month of vacation left minus the two days that we have to go in to work for curriculum. Time sure is flying by fast. No vacation again this year, but hopefully there will be some short trips we can make before it is over.


What are your big plans for the rest of summer? Is anybody taking a big trip?  Tell us and let us wish we were going with you.


That is about it for this time, still getting headaches when I read this small screen. In about four more weeks I can get reading glasses and that will help.


Take Care and please leave us a message and let us know how you are doing.


Until next time,





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