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Posted By John Poindexter

Six weeks have gone by since the triple bypass.  People I meet say, you look really good or your color is good. Well, I feel good, except for the muscle pain in my legs and chest area.  They told me that it would take six months to a year for that pain to go away.

I have rehab twice a week.   Drive 40 plus miles to ride a bike and walk a treadmill. I can ride the same type bike here at home, as the wife has one. And I can walk outside or up and down the stairs to get my exercise until the heat breaks where I can walk outside again.

My wife has been taking great care of me. And keeping me from doing something that I should not do, like lift a heavy object or even cut grass. My youngest and his wife have been doing the yard work.  Maybe before too much longer I will be able to cut grass again.

I have not felt like writing, as the Muse is not back from vacation. I need to do a query letter and synopsis, but the energy is not there for it. Hopefully, that will return before long too.

This is not to say I have not been plotting in my head, just not on paper or the screen. I have three more stories started besides the one that is done in first person that needs to be changed to third person.

Okay, it is your turn tell us about what you have been doing or will do the rest of summer.  Leave a message down below and tell us about yourself.

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