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Posted By John Poindexter

Hello everyone, hope your week is going great.


With all the paperwork for the new evaluation process at work and the new DX Club paperwork, I have not had time to write any at all.


It seems like I might have to go lock myself away from the world and just type, being sure that the wireless is turned off so I can't surf the web.


What do you do to get motivated to write?  Let us all know by leaving a message below.


The season is changing fast, as it was down to 40 degrees the other morning.  I am not ready for winter.  A nice 50 plus all year round would be just fine with me.


Haven't held the new granddaughter since Labor day. Hope she visits soon.


Did find out that last quarter a 164 copies of She Rises at Dawn were bought just on the Kobo reader, not to mention the ones for all the other readers.


Sure did like that royalty check.  Still haven't cashed it yet.



Hey why don't you tell us what you are up to, even it isn't about writing. 


Leave a message down below and tell us about your world.


Until next time,







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