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Posted By John Poindexter

I can't believe it has been a month since I was able to write here. Workload has been really busy, but now for a couple of weeks no more essays to grade. Of course it won't be long before the new batch comes in for the next nine week grading period.


It has been a very hard week already, as we lost one of the great students in a car accident the other night. This young man was very talented in music and an excellent student in the classroom as well.  A well liked by all young man that will be missed by everyone for a long time.


On the writing front there is a story brewing with a style of writing that I have never done before. If it can mature into something, it might be just the ticket to make someone happy to read it. Of course this will be a long road to completion, as I said, I have not written this style and will take a lot of close work to make sure the writing is just right.


Yes, fall has arrived and we have been enjoying Indian summer for the past couple of weeks. Tomorrow it is to change back to fall like temps and rain.


I hope all of you are enjoying the weather and are able to get some writing done while doing so.


Why not leave a comment at the bottom and let us all know how you are doing? 


We would all like to hear what you are up to.


Until next time,







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