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Posted By John Poindexter

Five weeks and two days left in this year.  Where did it all go?


I find it hard to believe that another year is almost over. Did you get done what you want to do this year?  I sure didn't.


I did publish some eBooks and have one more to go out, hopefully, before Christmas. But, I didn't get the novel re-written like I wanted to do.


It seems that there is less and less time to do any writing. I know, you must make time, but even that is hard to do.


Writing is hard even when you are sitting there typing or hand writing on that story.


It is just you and that blank sheet of paper or white screen. No one is pushing you, unless you have an agent or publisher that is hounding you to get that novel done because the deadline is coming.


Barrie Davenport said it best in the article Write to Serve: Giving Deeper Purpose to Your Craft. "Writing can be a lonely business. When it's just you and your fingers tapping away at your keyboard, it's hard to visualize your readers out there and how your words will impact them. Writers spend a lot of time worrying about deadlines and content and sources of inspiration. It can be a very self-focused activity where the rewards often appear long after the work is finished."



But, if you want to get it finished, you just have to sit your butt in the chair and type/write.


With Thanksgiving over and only these five weeks left, if you want to finish this year, you need to get it in gear. I know I do.


How was your Thanksgiving?  We had the whole family here.


Did you go Black Friday shopping?


We would love to hear how you did and what your plans are for the holidays.


Just leave a message below and tell us.  For some reason, the message system must seem hard, but it isn't really. As no one wants to leave a message.


So, come on!  Leave a message and tell us what is going on in your world.


Until next time, I wish you well.






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