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This is my first attempt to writing a blog. I will try to post something new each week, but it may be every other week in some circumstances.


I am still working full-time as an English teacher and school begins again in two weeks. Seems it gets earlier each year.


I started writing my novel back in 1990, when I moved to this new city. I wrote it in first person and thought that it would be good that way. Well, in my opinion, it was good. I started sending it out to all kinds of agents and publishers that were shown to accept crime/thriller novels, and finally one literary agent told me that first person was too hard to sell and I needed to re-write it in third person.


That is where I am today after leaving it sit for two years and doing no novel work at all.

I did write a few short stories, which one won a contest and one is out at publisher waiting to be purchased or rejected.


On my web site are samples of the novels I have written and some of the short stories, to include the winning one Traveling from Japan to Italy, feel free to look around the site.


Until next time have a great time.



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