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Why is it that teenagers think they can just write anyway they want and it doesn’t matter if it is correct or not?  Do they do it on purpose or is it the way they are being taught?  It ceases to surprise me when I see an essay with no apostrophes, commas, or even slang and vulgar words in it. I am growing use to having to mark up a paper that could be a great paper if the person would just go back and edit.


I usually go over all the common mistakes that are made like those mentioned above and even with that I will still have papers that come in with all of these mistakes, and now I get them with texting errors (lol, u ur, bff).


As I start another year of teaching, I hope this year brings papers that have been written seriously for a change and edited, especially edited by the writer. It seems that no matter how much you explain the importance of editing, they say, “Well I ran spell checker and there were no mistakes.”


I worry that these same people will be the ones to start uploading their stories to Amazon. They will not have it professionally edited and will contain the same mistakes that I pointed out to the ones that were in my classes. Why will this happen?  Because it seems that all teenagers make the same mistakes and these teenagers become adults who continue to write like they did when younger.


I blame texting and the Internet for bringing about this abbreviated writing style. They are so used to doing it, they don’t even pay attention to what they are doing when they write for an audience.


Of course, the reviews will show that they are full of errors and then no one will buy it. We can only hope that when this happens, they will finally wake up and realize that if you write crap, you get crap in return.

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Evelyn said...
You are such a great teacher, and hopefully your students take into consideration all those silly comments you make about lol and bff and u, etc. My soul likes commas a bit too much, but I'm working on it. I hope you have a good year.
August 29, 2010 09:28:19
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