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“You want to write a novel?  What type are you going to do? “




“Yes, type. There are many different genres to choose from, such as romance, historical romance, erotic romance, westerns, crime, paranormal, young adult, and many more.”


“Wow! I thought I just could sit down and write my story and get it published.”


This seems to be the consensus of several young people. Most believe that it is easy to get a book published. They don’t seem to know that it took even great authors a long time to convince a company to accept their belief that the book they just wrote will make money.


Once the book is written, you should leave it sit for some time before you begin going over it again with a marker to identify the mistakes in time, setting, character details, spelling, and plot that needs to be fixed. Editing takes a long time to do. It is not something that can be rushed. Nor do you want it to be rushed. You want to turn out the best work you can so that those long waiting years are reduced as much as possible.


It also could be that once you have written that story and made all the corrections, it may still be not the one that gets published. Yes, that is right, it may not be published.


First novels are not always the one chosen by a company to be your debut novel. That is why you must continue to write. It could be your second or even fifth book before someone says, “I want to buy your book.”


Someone said the other day in their blog that there were several thousand books out there waiting to be sold to publishers.  This is why it may take what seems forever to get one of your stories looked at by an agent or publisher.


You can’t just throw something together and say okay buy my book because it is the greatest.


Oh! And don’t think your old English teacher will be glad to edit your work for free. Besides having to do his own, he needs to eat.



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