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No writing this week as most of my time has been taken up grading essays. Still have 60 to go for this quarter.


Wednesday, I go in to have my hand operated on, so writing will not be on the top of the agenda this week, too.


You don't necessary have to write to be working on a story. There are times that you need to work out in your mind what it is the story wants you do. Where are the characters in their lives? Do they want to go somewhere you weren't expecting?


Usually, I am thinking almost all the time about where I want that story to go, but as we all know, the characters can make you change your plans by simply telling you that they want to do this instead of that.


Hopefully, next week I will have something else to write about, even though I will be typing with one hand only. I should be able to post here letting you know how it goes with only having one hand to do everything.


Have great week.



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Ashley Tinman said...
Hey Hope you heal fast when you get your surgery on your hand. I hope your novel is going great! Later, Ashley Tinman
October 4, 2010 06:26:26
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