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No good news on the hand front, it still hurts. Guess I could say that it is a little better, in that it is healing okay, but the pain is still there, especially in the wrist. Typing is hard to do.


On the digital reader front, there is still no decision on whether to get one or which one of the digital readers to get. Now, ZDNet comes out with an article on the 20 iPad competitors. Some are giving you a 12 inch screen, allowing you to read a full color (that is right color) page.


Since the winter seems to be getting closer as we are to have snow starting Wednesday, and the holiday season is coming too, I will be broke again and will probably sit here with a good old paper book and read it instead of a new fangled electronic reader.


I hope to find the time to get back to the novel and get more editing completed. But, even this short blog is making the hand scream with pain that is calling for more pain pills.


So, hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Looking forward to the big dinner. Pumpkin pies sound great, don't they?


Until next time.



Leave a comment if you want, as no one has left any lately, I am not sure the comment section works.





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