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Thanksgiving is over and the shopping is done. The only one who did not get something was...


You guess it, me.


The hand is better and before long I will be able to type with both hands. Yea!  Looking ahead, I have been plotting in my mind, keeps me awake until late at night, and reading about writing.


If you are going to be writing anything, you need to read about the topic and the subject of writing. There are some great blogs and articles out there on the Internet (and some bad ones) for you to learn different techniques about writing.


One I ran across today is write it sideways and her article called 23 (More) Websites that Make Your Writing Stronger. Some good points here and make sure you read Suzannah Windsor Freeman's first post about websites.


Wordplay: Helping writers become authors is another one of my favorites.


If you want to read an honest viewpoint on various topics that affect and encourage authors, then go to Chuck Wendig's website terribleminds and read his posts.  Beware he tells it like it is and may not be suited for the faint at heart or small children.  It pulls no punches and tells it like it is. Even if you don't like to see some language used, you will learn a lot from his writings.    


The Peevish Penman Magazine is another site with writing tips that will enlighten you. From their site, "Our mission is to encourage and support new writers and to have fun doing so."  What can I say it is great!


And of course, I can't forget to mention my friend Roz Morris.  Her book Nail Your Novel is one of the best I have read all year.  It is available on  You can learn quite a good bit about writing in this little book. Also on her website are great tips every week and again like the rest of them, you must go back and read the past installments. Check out her site at


Do you have a favorite website that provides inspiration or just good old advice for writers? Post it below in the comment section for all to check out.


Have a great week.


2 Comment(s):
John said...
K.M. you are so welcome. Your web site is awesome! John
December 5, 2010 08:31:09
K.M. Weialnd said...
I just stumbled across this today. Thanks so much for linking me! I'm honored to be included in your list.
December 4, 2010 10:40:20
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