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Last week, I talked about letting go of that internal editor and just write. Did you do that?


I, on the other hand, had editing to do of a short story that I will be shopping around in a week or two.


I hope you were able to get some writing done this week. It was a good week for it. Too cold to be outside, snow still on the ground and of course, today the Bears losing.


All are good reasons to just shut out the world and write. Especially that Bears lost.


I have been playing with the idea of putting all four short stories into a book format and publishing it via one of the new e-book publishers to see how well it will sell.


If you think that is a good idea, leave a message at the bottom letting me know your thoughts.


Quarterly essays coming up at work, so not going to have much time to write with all the grading. Only have 150 of them to do.


Anyway, have a great week and let me know your thoughts.


Until next week



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