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I finally have all the essays done. And no more of them until the next year starts. Yea Rah!


I am working on designing a cover for an e-book.  Need to talk to my kids that are the artists and computer designer wizard. I know what I want on it, just have to get it there or get them to get it there. Maybe they will read this and volunteer. Ha Ha, that is a funny.


Going to start by placing one e-book on several sites for the different styles of readers and then if it sells, I will post one or more of the others.


Summer is here, the humid air has moved in and it is almost 80 in here. It never got that warm when the furnace was running. Sure is going to be a bad night for sleeping.


So, what are you working on? Are you writing? Reading something good?


Leave messages below and let all of us know what you are doing during May.


See you soon.



Oh, Forgot! Two more weeks or so and then I start a two month vacation. Hope to make more time to write.


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