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So you want to be a writer?

"What is the secret?"Hey, I am writing a book. Would you check it for errors?"  "I wrote a book. Would you read it and see what needs to be fixed?"

I am asked these questions all the time. It is hard to say sure I will be glad to edit your book. But, of course, I can’t say that as I usually have over hundred essays to grade, which one of them is theirs.

Back when we had creative writing class, there were a few students that could actually write. However, most only thought they could.  It was a shame that the few didn’t keep writing. Recently, I heard from one who said she wanted to get back to writing and I told her I thought it would be a good idea.  I was serious, as she was one of the good ones. Hopefully, her twins will let her do it.

I had one last week come up to me and say I wrote a book and want you to see what is wrong with it. I looked at her (and actually for once I was nice, yes for change) and said sorry I just don’t have the time. They always do this at essay grading time. And, yes one of them laying there was hers that I had already graded. Knowing what I had seen in her paper, I didn’t have to imagine what I would find in a book.

The question is always asked: Can writing be taught?

The fundamentals can be, but the desire to write, that is to sit all day and type or write in a notebook can not be taught. One must have the desire to do it. If you can’t sit hour after hour and do nothing but write, then knowing the fundamentals will do you no good.

Sure I can teach you that, “This is a car!” is not right, but that “Wow that is a car!” is the correct way to use an exclamation point. And no, it is not !!!! at the end of a sentence.

But, to teach you to sit for four hours and do nothing but write that story is one thing that I can’t teach you.

So, you want to be a writer?  Then write. Don’t talk about it, just do it!

Sit down right now and write at least a thousand words, then add another thousand, and then another… That is being a writer.


What do you think?  Can writing be taught?  Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts on this topic.


See you next time.



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