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This has been a productive week.  Guess the wife being gone has something to do with it.  E-Books one and two are done.

Dreamer's Paradise is out to the Beta Readers and awaiting their responses before I decide to upload them to Amazon and B&N. 

Second one, She Rises at Dawn was re-written yesterday because I didn’t like the first and next to last chapters. I feel it much better now with that accomplished.

It is really hot out!  What are you doing to keep cool?  Or are you one of those that like to get out there and sweat?

Please leave us a message down below and tell us what you are doing.  Swimming?  Writing?

Or are you just lying around on the couch being a television veggie?

All that is really left on the first two e-Books is for my son (who is my partner at Leeworlds - which is actually his company, but my money, ha ha) to get the covers done. We have not really decided on these two covers yet.

What is funny though, I have completed the mock up of the cover for Hollywood Dream, which he is touching up.

Maybe by the time we hear back from the Beta Readers, we will have the cover finished.


Okay, it is getting close to 90 degrees outside and it is only 10:20 on Wednesday the 8th.

What are your plans?  Let us all know as some may want to copy what you are doing to relax as well.


See you next week. And please don’t be afraid to leave a message. The message board is awful lonely.

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