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Hollywood Dream

What’s with all this rain? I think we can do without some for a while, don’t you?


The cover for Hollywood Dream is looking great!  Especially the picture, isn’t she gorgeous? The person doing the layout is my very talented son, owner of Leeworlds where they make worlds for computer games as well as the games and motion pictures.


Finally figured out how to get the pictures to show in the Blog. Tutorials are a good thing to read.


Let me know what you think of it.


 Dreamer's Paradise is being revised with the comments from one of the Beta Readers. The other two readers have not reported in yet on what they thought of it. Hopefully, they will before too long. I would like to see their comments as well before we consider it ready for publication.


 Construction of the other book covers is now underway. The graphic arts team has some wonderful ideas for each of them. As they give me the go ahead on one of their mock-ups, I will post it on Facebook. It is a shame that this blog company doesn’t allow pictures to be posted along with the Blog. I keep trying and it keeps not showing them.


Revision is the plans for this week. How do you revise your writing?  Do you do it as you go along or are you able to turn off that inner editor and just write until you are done?  I find myself after writing for so long going back and editing what I wrote. This makes for a slow process in getting the story down, that is why I am trying harder not to do it.


What do you do? Edit as you go or wait until it is all finished?  Let us know by leaving a comment below.



Until next time, happy writing!


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